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CRS reports about the sub-continent

A couple of days ago, Wikileaks released thousands of reports prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). The CRS is the public policy research arm of the United States Congress. Its reports are highly regarded as "in-depth, accurate, objective, and timely." The leaked documents cover a whole range of topics.

I glanced through a few reports about India and found them very objective and thorough. Here are a couple of interesting snippets. About India's relationship with Iran:

India's growing energy needs and its relatively benign view of Iran's intentions will likely cause policy differences between New Delhi and Washington. India seeks positive ties with Iran and is unlikely to downgrade its relationship with Tehran at the behest of external powers, but it is unlikely that the two will develop a broad and deep strategic alliance. India-Iran relations are also unlikely to derail the further development of close and productive U.S.-India relations on a number of fronts.

A look at what the US might expect then, after the 2004 general elections in India.

U.S. relations with India depend largely on Indias political leadership. India's 2004 national elections ended governance by the center-right coalition headed by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and brought in a new center-left coalition led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. [...] As Finance Minister from 1991-1996, Singh was the architect of major Indian economic reform and liberalization efforts. [...] A coalition of communist parties supports the UPA, but New Delhis economic, foreign, and security policies are not expected to be significantly altered. The new government has vowed to continue close and positive engagement with the United States in all areas.

Here is the list of reports related to the sub-continent.

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